New version of Norco 4020 and 4220?


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I believe that Norco has updated the 4020 and 4220 to be identical to the 4224 except for the number of trays. Of course the 4020 does not have the SAS backplane but the non SAS backplane does appear to be mounted horizontally with thumbscrews just the same as the backplane in the 4220 and 4224. These "new" versions also take the same 120mm fan plate that goes in the 4224.


The new version is also designed to hold two internally mounted 2.5 inch drives instead of two 3.5 drives that I read could go in an older version.


You need to be carefull what you buy. There seems to be a lot of old stock versions out there including what Newegg has. Because the product name did not change it can be a challenge to know which version you are buying.


Anyone had a hands on experience with one of these new versions and can confirm what I have written is accurate?

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What you have stated has been confirmed a couple of times.  It has also been stated in the last week or so that if you want to guaranty your self new stock, order from ipcdirect.


Also, the 120mm fan wall can be made to fit the old style, but requires an amount of work not much less then just modifying the original fan wall to accept 120mm fans.

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