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Hey all, 


Just a thought I had while installing some Community Apps.


I have 25-30 containers running now, and had the idea of somehow "organizing" the layout. I've recently installed a bunch of SteamCMD and along with my  ***arrs and Jackett and other containers I have, it might be cool if you could sort them by type, or tag them to group up similars together.


Have all your SteamCMD's together in a drop down menu, all your media gathering in one and have another for your Nginx/LetsEncrypt/etc. Tags for Games, Media, Network/System.


I'm short on time and can't do up a concept image to help my point get across better.

I'll update when i have the time to properly MS Paint a piece of concept art.






Browsing, and saw this one just down the page

Would sort of tie into my idea.

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