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Unraid & MAAS

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SO a few things,

first time poster (i think), LOOOONG time lurker.



I am gonna give you the quick and dirty:

I followed this video to enable qemu+tcp access 

I have been making the VMs in MAAS (2.6 running on ubuntu 19.10 on an macmini2,1 (32 uefi sheesha) but the important thing is its on the "latest" beta ubuntu, others untested, ymmv




1. follow video instructions on what nerdpack plugin to turn on and file to edit (libvirtd.conf?)

2. go to unraid dashboard and create VMs: seabios, uncheck start now, make it easy like successive node0/node1/node2 etc

3. set the power type to virsh, do yourself a favor and copy past it after doing the nodes 


4 enter the name of the VM on fourth line on virsh



a few things

I didnt add it in pods due to i seem to repeatedly have space reporting as being incorrect (10g free on 18TB of space)

I do the individual creating because doing juju/conjure-up just auto grabs whatever meets the needs.

It would seem that specifying an ISO is NEEDED (i found an ipxe.iso) due to make  PXE boot fine and goes on doing it's thing

Ask questions, I am sure I am unclear on suff, but the moment I got this working I posted due to BANGING my HEAD against this for a couple days now (READ: 5 DAYS)



glhf, ymmv, etc etc





oh, and if anyone reposts this in this thread in a coherent manner, I will clean this up and give credit. I just really wanted to help IF this helps. To me it was HUGE and I am super happy.


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