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Mover Question

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Hey Guys,


Apologies if this has been asked before. i've tried to search but i can't seem to find any hits.


I currently have a 2tb cache pool and use that to download all my Media to.  I've set it to write to the cache and then i have mover moving the data to my array once a month.  This is great however i average 1.5tb of data a month and when mover starts it moves everything.


Is it possible to have mover only move items older than a certain date (say 30 days)?  That way new files stay on the cache pool to allow super fast play back whilst after a month they go to the array.  (i should add that i then use rclone to move them to the cloud after 6 months).


Would be truly awesome to have 3 fully automated tier's of storage.




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No.   There is no way to achieve what you want in the current Unraid as mover does not take age into account when moving files.


The only way I can think of to achieve what you want is to customise the ‘mover’ script to suit your particular use case.   If you changed it to only move files over a certain age then you could run mover more frequently (e.g. daily) which might reduce space pressure on the cache drive.

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