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"Invalid Partition Table!" on Startup

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Hey Guys,


Hope I am doing this correctly. I just switched to Unraid from FreeNAS (it was way over my head), and I have to say I really like the GUI and everything else so far. I just got done putting my files onto my drives and when I rebooted the server up it has "Invalid Partition Table!" on the command line. I do not know why this is happening I have two 6TB Western Digital Red drives (one as parity) and it says Parity is Valid on Main page. I have no errors when running the Fix Common Problems plugin, even in the extended test.


Is this something to worry about and how do I fix it?


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I don't see any evidence of anything being wrong, but maybe someone else will.


Where exactly are you seeing the error message? Could it be that your server is trying to boot initially from a hard disk and is only actually booting from the USB flash device once it has failed to find a bootable disk? Unraid data disks aren't bootable and the Parity disk doesn't have a file system so it might be worth checking your BIOS boot priority settings.

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I was seeing it when Unraid started loading itself onto the system after the PC boots. I think you are right about it being the wrong boot order I just checked and it seems that I needed to re order. I didn't think I needed to because I had it booting from the same drive on FreeNAS but it was probably the other slot. I just re booted the server a couple of times and that message has not popped back up. Thank you for the help, and your time.

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