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Can't Open Files From Any Share

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This should be simple.

I copied a number of files from my old FreeNAS to my new UnRaid server using the Binhex-Krusader docker.

When accessing any share from Windows, I can browse all my files, but can't open any of them.
I can add new files via Windows/SMB and open them.
All the files I copied using Krusader, however, simply won't open (with generic "Unable to open..." messages.)


Only the Krusader-copied files are a problem.

I've popped into the command line and had a look at the permissions and see no difference between files I can open and files I can't. In fact, I can copy and past a "bad" file into the same directory and open the copied file. From the command line, though, they are identical with identical privilege settings.

What am I missing?



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As well as the file permissions (read/write/execute) what is owner/group of the problem files?


Files copied via SMB will usually have the owner/group of nobody/users.    It suspect the ones you copied might have the owner/group of root/root.


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If only.

I've created only two users.

I've tried changing ownership to both users.

No luck.

All the files have rw for user and group.

If I copy a file unto the folder using windows, the permissions are identical, but I can only open the windows-copied file.


Running "Tools>Docker Safe New Perms" from the GUI changed the owner back to "Nobody" but nothing else. The files still won't open.

I can rename them.

Copy them (the copies open without issue).

I can delete them. 

But I can't open the files.


What's next?




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If you cannot open the files I don’t understand how you can copy them, as the copy process would need to open the files in order to do the copy.


Are the original and the copy on the same data disk, or do they end up on different disks?

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