Changing encryption from passphrase to keyfile


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I´ve just started to encrypt my xfs array using a passphrase.


So i am wonderung what would be the exact steps to do when i want to use a keyfile instead of the passphrase?


Thx in advance! ;)





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Allow me to actually answer the question. Converting from entering a passphrase to a keyfile is something I *just* had to do. The links above will tell you how to setup crypto just fine or even change passwords but you'll have to dig pretty good to find a way to easily go from passphrase to a file so I'll try to save you some trouble. In the end you need to have a file in the root of your ephemeral boot drive named keyfile that contains your passphrase. In my case I did this by creating a file on my USB stick and a line in my GO file to create a link to it as detailed below. Note that this is NOT SECURE if someone snatches your server. For me this is a temporary thing until I can go back to entering it by hand down the road. Others have come up with schemes to transfer the file in question via SFTP from other servers and it's also possible to use binary files like say a picture vs a text file - what I've detailed isn't that but you get the idea.



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