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** Hackintosh ** Tips to make a bare metal MacOS

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Can i use a copy of this now fine working OC EFI also for my Mojave VM's, so is it downwards compatibe ? Or do i need to use a specific older version or some other changes ? (assuming same vanilla OS install for simplicity sake)

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As lockdown is the best time to experiment i just went ahead (after making a few extra zfs snapshots as am not crazy) and migrated all my VM's incl productive to OpenCore.

With a minor hickup to get the Radeon passthru to work (remove your device properties entry from the plist) everyting worked straight out the box with the exact same EFI/plist. Crazy and amazing.

Love it.

Tnx again for all your work. Clover is history......

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Thanks @Leoyzen.


I am currently trying to passthrough my entire Intel USB controller, but macOS does not seem to recognize the devices connected to it, it shows as an USB controller but is not named correctly. I have tried with USBInjectAll.kext and XHCI-unsupported.kext without luck. Do I need to rename the device under DeviceProperties? 244192357_ScreenShot2020-03-31at1_25_01AM.thumb.png.34d2fd095403c106ed7680bedbb0b5a1.png2021241368_ScreenShot2020-03-31at1_25_11AM.thumb.png.f7cced99a67871d34d2f33da494eb865.png1530262788_ScreenShot2020-03-31at1_25_26AM.png.388b5751c79ce1f1f154caaab724fcbb.png  

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