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Hello Unraiders,


I've just a released a beta version of a Python module I've been working on for a while now. It's called pyunraid and allows you to communicate with your Unraid server using python. It supports Python 3.4 and up and is available to install via pip. Documentation can be found here: Pypi page is here: Github is here:


I'm not trying to promote myself or anything, I'd just be very happy if some of you would try it out and report any bugs, since I've only been able to test it against my own server.


Install using: pip install pyunraid OR python3 -m pyunraid OR pip3 install pyunraid


Small code sample:

from pyunraid import Unraid

# Connect to Unraid server
unraid = Unraid('', USERNAME, PASSWORD)

# Get all Docker containers
containers = unraid.containers()

# Restart all containers
for container in containers:
# Get all plugins
plugins = unraid.plugins()

# Print all plugin names
for plugin in plugins:


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Fixed broken docs URL
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Hi simse,
So far:

  • Docs link is broken (just edit your message adding a /).
  • It would be nice to have docs on our github and on the pypi website
  • What purpose did you have in mind when you designed it?

I am trying to try to access crond using it and maybe see if i can set some jobs to run on my server - will let you know how it goes.




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I'm sorry, I haven't worked on this project for a while. I updated the docs URL for you there. 


The final intent of pyunraid is to be able to do control anything in Unraid from python, but I'm still not quite there.

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