Don't get rid of AFP - absolute necessity for Mac

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I've been fighting with SMB working with any speed or quality at all on Mac OS X both Mojave and now Catalina. Every solution in the book when it comes to SMB is a complete and utter failure / waste of time. The only thing that works (other than FTP) is AFP. 


Please keep it as a part of Unraid for the foreseeable future.



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I'd really like to see your setup, settings, and tweaks you might have done. Is this all wired? Is this all on Catalina? Which Mac OS version?


Every google / search I ran on Mac OS slow SMB performance, there are tons of answers and different solutions. Some work for some people, but the majority are frustrated like me.


AFP works just fine though.


I'm doing all of this on a fresh install of Catalina on a 2018 MacBook Pro using a 5Ghz router.

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As mentioned its all different macs with different os versions and different connections. Seems you have issues only with a wifi laptop correct ?

I did zero tuning on 1GB wired and wireless other then switching off smb signing to achieve near line or wireless max speed ( . For 10gb i did do some tuning but not your issue.

Not actively running catalina myself but did a test with a catalina vm running davinci resolve and accessing all my media on the unraid server and saw zero difference inthruput.



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