VNC settings reverting on edit


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i manually set the VNC port on my VM’s so that i can connect to them easily by name in my client, but if you modify any settings in the gui of a vim it reverts back to auto selection and removes the manual port setting.


Any chance of getting this fixed because it’s infuriating having to keep going back in to manually reset the port again.


Also, it should check if any of the iso’s are missing from the config when starting the machine and remove them from the config if they no longer exist, as it stands you have to manually go back in to edit them out, which causes issue number one with the vnc port changing,

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Thomas is providing a workaround to the issue you're reporting.  The real issue here is that we don't support manual VNC ports in the current version of Unraid.  You can obviously override things using the XML editor, but any changes made there could be lost when further edits are made using the form-based editor.  I realize the value of being able to set a VNC port and will make a request to the dev team for us to add official support for manually setting VNC ports using the form-based editor.


All the best,



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