Do I really need a GPU for my new build?


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Hey guys, just built a 3700x, 32gb server.   The 3700x doesn't have a GPU so wondering if i really need one.  My Asus 570 board boots without a graphics card so it will run headless no problem.


I have a GTX 1080 that i borrowed from my gaming computer to get it up and running.  I took it out and didn't notice any difference.   On my server, i use Plex but 99% of the time it is to one of my two Nvidia shields that direct play 4k content, no transcoding.   Also, i have a Windows 10 VM that is running Blue Iris and recording 7 1080p cams 24/7.   I didn't setup anything with the graphics card so i could be missing something but just wondering if it is worth spending a couple hundred on a card?  or just buy a $50 gt710 or something just for troubleshooting bootup issues, etc.


Any input would be very much appreciated.


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No, you don't need one. Unraid will run headless, as you've found out. You've also found out that you need a video output for setting up the BIOS and it can be useful in the future for troubleshooting, so a cheap card is worth considering. Whether you should spend considerably more on a more capable GPU depends on how you plan to use your server. From the information you've provided I would say no.

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