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I have a problem with the settings of my cachedrive.


My incomplete NZBGet downloads are beeing saved in the /incomplete share which is attached to disk1 (4TB HDD).


I´ve set cache settings of this share to prefer so i thought if the cache SSD is full the data would be written to the HDD but it didn´t.


The download stopped with an out of space message.


Could any1 help me pls with the problem?


Thx in advance!



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My incomplete NZBGet downloads are beeing saved in the /incomplete share which is attached to disk1 (4TB HDD).

I am not quite sure what you mean by this?   With the ''Prefer" setting Unraid is always going to try and move files for the share to the cache. My response below is assuming that you have ended up with an incomplete folder on disk1 - not that is where the files are meant to end up.   If this is wring I suggest you post a screen shot of the settings for that share 


It is not quite that simple with the prefer setting!


When selecting a disk for download Unraid makes a check for free space when the file is first created (i.e. it is zero size).  This means that If the file is larger than the free space on the drive selected then as the file grows while downloading you get the 'out of space' error.   The way to avoid this happening is to use the Min. Free Space setting for the cache drive under Settings >> Global Share Settings.   This will stop the cache drive being selected (and an array drive being selected instead) for a new file if the free space on the cache is below this value.  You need this to be at least as large as the largest file you expect to download, and if multiple downloads are running in parallel possibly even larger.


Even if the file is written to the array initially when mover runs with the 'Prefer' setting it will try and move files for the share from array to cache.

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12 minutes ago, b0mb said:

So should i just set the cache option for the share to yes?

It depends on the behaviour you want!   That is correct if you want the files to initially preferentially go to the cache and eventually end up on the array.   Note that the Min Free Space setting is still significant if you want files to overflow to the array if the cache is full.

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