lost OS usb with no backup

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My Unraid media server has been down for 4 months due to failed HDD (just get a replacement in it now). when i went to boot the server up from its slumber, i have found that the usb used for unraid has walked of and i have no idea what happened to it. The problem i now have is that i do not have that usb backed up but i have an old config file from some time ago (think about 6.1 days) but when i go to change the key to a new drive, i am getting messages saying that the key is black listed or that it is being used by someone else.


i have tried using data recovery programs to get the info from the drive, but i have 4 drives the same brand, so i have no idea which one had the unraid os on it. Also, is there a file in the congif that i can change the data drives with, the old backup has a drive that has already had a drive replaced  and has that data on it.



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Begin by reading this page:




At the very bottom of the page, you will find instructions for contacting LimeTech directly.  You can write to them and explain your situation.  As I read what you wrote, I am a bit suspicious that your key might have been actually stolen and used to re-register a new flash drive. OR are you using a old registration file with your new flash drive after having already gotten a new one as a replacement for that registration?

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i seem to be using an old key that has already been replaced with a new one. ill email support about getting a new key. the next problem i have is trying to get all the data back. do i make a new array (new unraid install) and keep the drives the same or do i use an old array setup and replace the 2 drives that are missing (data drive 1 is a new replacement with no data, data drive 4 is a replacement from the old backup and has that data it.



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