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I have recently ran into a weird issue I can't explain or fix. All of a sudden my server just randomly freeze up for good. Can't move the mouse use the keyboard, the web interface for unraid is also unresponsive and even when I hit the power button nothing happens. I have to press and hold the power button for a hard shutdown and then power it up in order to use the server or any VM's again. And I got no clue why this problem just apperead out of nowhere. I have not changed any settings recently. 


I have uploaded my diagnostics file in hope that someone can spot the problem :(

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11 hours ago, Brydezen said:

How can I do a clean install of the unraid server and still keep my parity drive and array in sync?

Make a backup copy of the config folder on the flash device. Re-install Unraid, then replace the config folder with the one you backed up.


The diagnostics you posted cover a period of less than ten minutes since you booted the system. In Settings -> Syslog Server try turning on the option "Mirror syslog to flash" so that the next time it crashes the log won't be lost.

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Hi @John_M I did as you said and "just" catched a bug in the syslog from when my server crashed. it's at 19:48 - my VM was stuck at that time down in the corner. And the log says: 

BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000030 at line number 5
BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 000000000000066c at line number 43

I have my newest diagnostics file and my syslog from the flash drive. As the syslog in the diagnostics zip is not reflecting the "bug" syslog

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You're hitting a kernel bug. I would recommend upgrading to Unraid 6.8.0-rc5, which has a very different kernel. You are already running the newest "stable" release but it is known to have a few problems. If you don't like the idea of running a release candidate then you'll have to wait for 6.8.0 final to be released.


Don't forget to switch off the "mirror syslog to flash" option now it has served its purpose.

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What about downgrading maybe? Don't like the idea of running the newest release candidate. It's just weird that it all of a sudden happens out of nowhere. But two CPU's in the log CPU 11 & 8 are all pinned to my windows 10 VM I use as my daily driver. Could it maybe be the VM that is causing the kernel bug or maybe a plugin? I seems to happen more and more frequently now. Just had another one this morning. Have not logged at the log yet. As I'm currently out of the house now. But thanks for the response. And again, are you sure that it can not be caused by a plugin or my VM? Will try and switch up the CPU pinning for it.


Best regards!

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