How to get `keyfile` in 6.8.0?


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Hey guys,


So, im a slight id10t :)


Updated to 6.8.0-rc3, and then to 6.8.0-rc4 2 days ago. Yesterday I finally got bored with having to go through the rigmarole of unlocking the server every time she boots up. (My system shuts down every night, thats just how i have it) Also, im using KeepassXC with stupid long crazy passwords.


Found SpaceInvaderOne`s Video Guide on unlocking the server using FTP from my phone.


As of rc1 "emhttpd: do not write /root/keyfile if encryption passphrase provided via webGUI"


This means,

Linux 5.3.7-Unraid.
Last login: Sat Oct 26 13:14:30 +0100 2019 on /dev/pts/0.
root@Hal-9000:~# cp /root/keyfile /boot/keyfile
cp: cannot stat '/root/keyfile': No such file or directory


So how do i get the keyfile without rolling back to an old USB backup?

I know theres gonna be a command somewhere but my googlefu is broken.

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