FreeBSD 11.3+ - no network interface after upgrade

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More progress on the FreeBSD side. Patch attached in bug report.



I found the issue, and you are basically right. It's a PCI ID conflict between the QEMU PCI express root port device and the netmap passthrough device. I must assume the PCIE root port is present in Q35 and not in i440fx, which explains why the issue only affects Q35. I will disable the netmap passthrough devices until the proper support is committed to QEMU. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll commit the fix tomorrow.

It really sounds like i440fx should be working on unRAID... 

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Okay I'm happy to report that i440fx/seabios is working for 11.3+. I swear I tested the installer ISOs, but I must have only tested i440fx with an existing install, not realizing GPT partition scheme is not compatible. Converting to MBR looks possible, but risky. My FreeBSD VM runs headless, so I'm not sure what the i440fx passthrough implications are.

Official patches are on the way for Q35/OVFM.



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Well there seems to be some weird issues with unRAID ... I was expecting a "multitasking monster" Windows 10 VM on a Threadripper 3960x 32G ram, nv 1070 gpu, 1TB nvme... nomatter what I did --- it couldn't stand up to a 2015 laptop (core i7 4c4t). As soon as I start something that uses a lot of ram (6-8 GB) everything slows down. DPC rises... Tried everything I could think of w/o much (if any) success. The old laptop just blows the VM away like a sports car.


Not sure what the problem is... I'll try to run PVE and see if it's the same there.

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Well... I regret to say this but... without *ANY* tweaks at all, and with 8 less cores allocated to the Windows 10 VM (16 host cores, no pinning, no isolation etc) - it travels at WARP 12. The same config under unRAID yielded terrible performance... :(


Hopefully unRAID will catch up *soon*.


Now, onto the tweaks.

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