CA Backup Settings for Docker


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I'm trying to set up the CA Backup for my Docker and my various containers.


  • Docker vDisk location: /mnt/cache/docker.img
  • Default appdata storage location: /mnt/user/appdata/


Can someone explain how to set up the CA Backup settings? Current settings:


  • Appdata Share (Source): /mnt/cache
  • Destination Share: /mnt/user/CA Backup


I assume I need to backup both directories in order to save all my docker data. I think I've set it up correctly for the vDisk location, how can I setup a separate backup for the appdata storage location? 


I'm basically trying to ensure my Plex DB and configuration on my docker are backed up in case of data loss.

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3 minutes ago, fnwc said:

Appdata Share (Source): /mnt/cache

Change it to /mnt/user/appdata


3 minutes ago, fnwc said:

Docker vDisk location: /mnt/cache/docker.img

You don't care (or shouldn't) about backing up the docker.img.  It's too easy to recreate to even worry about creating a backup of it.

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