-=SOLVED=- Updating BIOS Question

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My server is running bios v 1.3.9, and want to upgrade to the current version (1.14.0) so that I can upgrade the CPU


  • When downloading from Dell, what OS should I select in the Dell OS picker, I assume Red Hat Enterprise 6 but I question if the OS type truly matters (I assume it's there for a reason though) I only wonder because when I first received this T410 it had windows server 2012 installed, I've not done anything with the bios since installing unRaid in 2017 and frankly it runs fine.

any insight is appreciated...


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BIOS's are OS agnostic


But, in the OS drop down there is an option that says "BIOS"

On 11/7/2019 at 12:25 PM, Dissones4U said:

frankly it runs fine.

Then why bother.  While I tend to update my BIOS every once in a while, no matter what you do it does entail a (very small) risk of bricking

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So I'm still struggling with this, I have created a dos bootable usb with an exe file from dell on it. I can view the directory and load the new bios but I'm unclear on how to initiate the flash. I've tried google without success. I can navigate to, and view, the directory. When I type in the file name the new bios say 100% loaded and show the new version info but nothing really happens and I have the same old bios when I restart. I assume there is a command that I'm missing to run the exe file...




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hey, i know this is an old post, but could i get some help. im doing the same thing OP is doing but it wont let me download the dos EXE file. i just get a error 503. does anyone know how i can get the file? or can i use the windows file with the DOS bootable. im just so lost.

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