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Easier/Prettier way to unlock encrypted array

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Hiya, i'm pretty new to unRAID (i'm still setting up my first proper server after recently purchasing).


I've noticed that the way to unlock the array (if using a password) is not 'family friendly': go to the IP address, then into the MAIN tab, then enter a password, and select 'START'. There's also a lot of things they could accidentally do while there if they're careless.


I was thinking a simpler, nice-looking (with themes eventually) web page would be great, e.g.


Save a bookmark on the family computers, they can go there - enter the password and click "START" (no other unnecessary information presented).



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Can you expand on this as I do not understand this request. Your request seems almost contradictory: you have users that you trust enough to give control over your array AND your encryption password (and therefore access to all of the data) but do not trust enough to give them access to the GUI. Not to mention the root server password.


Additionally, is there a reason you have the server running but do not have the array started? If there are certain services you want to turn on or off on a schedule consider using the User Scripts plugin, or VPN in (does this situation happen often?), or a script that connects via SSH and starts the array that you could give them instead. Or, since you're giving others the encryption password anyways, could store the keyfile on your flash drive and copy it over on boot. The array would auto mount, still be encrypted and you wouldn't need others to know the password.

Food for thought.

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Hi Kyle.


The main reason was not having to have someone enter the 'confusing' GUI, yet still be able to start the array. I'm fine with my family having power, but not with their ability to wield it safely - there's a lot they could accidentally do in the main GUI and the procedure has to be taught, rather than being obvious and self-evident. I admit, i forgot that you needed root password to enter the GUI to start the array in the first place 😅, which leads me to an even more awesomer notion...


Thinking about it more, why have starting the encrypted array require the root password at all? If there is no encryption, just turning on the system grants access to the data assuming it is set to auto-start (don't need to access the GUI). If it is encrypted, well you already need to enter a password to start the array. So i currently need to enter two passwords to start my array. (Just a note, i do not want to store my password as a key to have the encrypted array auto-start).


So i guess we could clarify and expand the request: be able to start the encrypted array without the root password (only the encryption password), which may be sweeter if its done on a pretty and simple separate page like the example IP/Start.


I think the existing disconnect (requiring root and encryption passwords to start an encrypted array) is a consequence of encryption being added fairly recently, and peoples use-cases having not been obvious.


Thanks for asking :)

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