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How to debug out of memory kill child issue

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I keep having my 1 and only VM get shutdown due to an out of memory issue. I don’t know how to debug this to find the root cause. Can anyone point me into the direction of this? Here is a segment of my log that shows where the error occurred. 192...88 is the IP of my VM, before that you se the “out of memory”. I don’t know how to find out which docker container, if it is a docker container that is hogging all the RAM enough to shut down my VM.


On another note, this is why i was wanting to setup some notifications for unRAID to be able to send me information on when RAM or CPU is maxing out so I can go log in immediately and see what is going on. If anyone has pointers on this it would help too. 


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How much RAM do you have and how much are you allocating to your VM? Post your full diagnostics as a syslog snippet is not useful.

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Does this help? I have 12GB of RAM and I allocated 2GB for my VM which is more than necessary it is Hassio. I don't think its the VM that is causing this I thought it was a docker outside? But now sure how to decypher what the number refers to of the ID


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Might start looking at Crashplan, as the virtual memory (Virt) is several times more than what your Qemu VM is using and it always was listed high OOM score when it was being triggered. There was also another process "java" that was listed high during OOM but I couldn't tell you what it was running.


10128 root      20   0 2691908   2.1g  21920 S  18.8  17.6   1252:56 qemu-syst+
 9002 nobody    20   0 6970012 818916   9104 S   6.2   6.7 957:22.30 CrashPlan+

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