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linuxserver/unifi-controller - mongodb fails to setup socket

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Anyone here running the unifi-controller on plain k8s? I'm trying it out in minikube on Ubuntu with a persistent hostPath volume.


First I had some trouble accessing the mounted volume but got it working by passing in the minkube vm docker user UID/GID as environmental variables in the pod, ie PGID=1000 and PUID=1000". Now I can connect to port 8443  and logs etc. are stored in the mounted directory. Seems as if everything ought to be correctly setup.


Now though the mongodb process don't have permissions to bind a socket for some reason.


2019-11-10T17:54:00.555+0000 E NETWORK  [initandlisten] listen(): bind() failed Operation not permitted for socket: /usr/lib/unifi/run/mongodb-27117.sock


If I enter the shell inside the pod both the unifi and mongodb processes run as user abc 911:911. I'm not sure how to interpret this in relation to the environment variables set, or why the mongodb process can't bind a socket. The unfi process can bind sockets (I guess?) as I can hit port 8443 and get a result back? 


Any help is appreciated.

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