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SATA Drives not found - HP N54L MicroServer

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Newbie Question

watch a few of the online videos, all looks simple enough but cant seem to get it to work. 

trying to eval unRaid,  have it booting on an HP N54L MicroServer,  have (4) 1TB SATA Drives, and (2)  SSD drives 

previously to testing unRaid, the drives were configured as follows

1 logical drive for the 2 SSD, RAID 1-0 

1 logical drive for the 4 SATA  drives  RAID 5 

I have deleted the logical drives in the HP RAID Card Bios.  I can see all drives there,  

when I boot to unRaid, the and go to create an array, there are no drives in the drop down lists, 

if i recreate the original HP Raid card configs,  then boot UnRaid,  I see the two logical drives, but still not the individual drives 

because this is my first attempt, i am sure its something i am missing,  

any and all help would be greatly appreciated



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Unraid is NOT RAID and it really works better if you just forget about using any RAID mode with any of its disks.


The cache pool does support btrfs raid but that is software and shouldn't use any RAID controller mode.


The parity array isn't really even software RAID but it has some similarities and some important differences.


You need to get the controller to support individual disks, not hardware RAID. I don't know what is required for that since I have no personal experience with your hardware, but I do know other people have used those HP servers with Unraid.


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thank you for your response,  you were correct,  this was a server i just purchased used and i was not aware that there was an additional raid card inserted on the MB, I suppose needed to support the 6 drives configured. i pulled the card and connected the 4 Drives to the MB SATA connector, rebooted to unRaid and magically the drives appeared,  setup one as a parity disk and the 3 others data,  parity disk is rebuilding, 2 hours to go,  right now everything looks great, 


thank you very much for your quick response, 

very excited about exploring unRaid potential. 



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