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[SOLVED] Will "Entering a new (Encryption) Key" overwrite my data?

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I recently replaced my Unraid Flash Drive as it had gone bad after 11 months. Specifically, I started getting kernal errors when trying to boot Unraid and Win32DiskImager couldn't read the entire drive. I was able to read and copy over my existing config folder including `super.dat`. I've booted my server, replaced my Unraid Key, and verified that all my disks are in the correct position. However, before starting the array, I'm prompted to "Enter a New Key" for the Encryption status.




The array shows all the non-parity disks as "Device TO BE Encrypted" (emphasis mine)




The help section of the WebUI hints that if I were to enter my encryption key that I would lose all my data.


Can I safely enter my encryption key or is something very wrong here?



EDIT: Extra details, this is Unraid 6.7.2. The drives were encrypted prior to this and I still have the key.

SOLUTION: Reboot a few times until it returns to normal 🤷‍♂️

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My understanding is that you need to enter your existing encryption key at this point and all will be well. However, I don't use disk encryption myself so you might want to wait for a second opinion.

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Your existing key is the only way to get your data back. As long as you didn't reformat the drive you should be ok


Something does look wrong though. The disk should be showing already padlocked. Both your disks show unlocked.


Are you sure you didn't select an encrypted disk to be parity? Which disk serial number was encrypted?

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I ended up rebooting the server a third time to check and see what format the drives were partitioned as and the system seems to be correctly reporting the drives as encrypted now with the familiar "Missing Key" message by the "Start Array" button, which looks a lot less concerning. I was able to start it successfully and access my data. I guess I just needed to restart a few times.

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