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11 hours ago, Ellis34771 said:


I guess I'm still not seeing the value proposition here.  Why use UnRAID for ZFS?  There are other platforms that implement ZFS quite well.  UnRAID was supposed to be what RAID is not.  


Just my 2 cents.  I do realize this is a popular request.

ZFS is not only a raid, it can also be used on a single disk. And even in this version, for me ZFS will be preferable to XFS, BTRFS. ZFS is now available by default on popular distributions. ZFS has a lot of fans. After all, when there is a choice of what to use it is good. Some people like Parity, others like ZFS raid. It's good when you have a choice.

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Maximum size limits on shares. That way i can partition X TB on a single large disk and set the samba settings so only certain users can access Y TB of it. This is nice so i can use something like a single 12TB disk and give 3TB to everyone in the household to use exclusively so no one goes over their quota.


Also big +1 to user groups with folder/share permissions

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