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1 hour ago, TheIronAngel said:

I'd love to not have to move to TrueNAS in the future, have a pair of 24-bay expanders but wouldn't be able to use them thanks to the 30 drive limits

As mentioned elsewhere why not use some of these additional drives in pools rather than the main array?

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3 hours ago, gigo90 said:

I mean a built-in with in Unraid iSCSI manager, accessible through the GUI (like truenas, QNAP, and others commercial products) developed and with full support from LimeTech.

Like NFS share and SMB share 🙂

So the two plugins do not provide the functions you need?

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I didn't mean to criticize other people's work, indeed your work as developers is certainly very useful for the community.

Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not a pro-user, so to me, they are not user friendly as other systems. That's it 😇


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On 1/29/2023 at 7:28 AM, pras1011 said:

Still waiting for wireless!

I get the feeling you could post this every month for a long, long time and it would still be true.  Notice how it never shows up as an option for voting in wish lists or feature request polls?


It's an often-debated topic in these forums but no one from Limetech has ever hinted that it is even under consideration.

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I think i already written that : a more friendly vm management (no more xml editing), gui for vm snapshots managements

Also support for user-friendly docker compose (portainer is a fine gui for managing containers, images and networks)

Robust pool for docker. I've been struggling in 6.8.3 with btrfs pool and docker. For that point zfs cache pool might be interesting if docker zfs driver doesn't lead to some write amplification.

And last but not least: a simple way to monitor unraid server and it's services. It's already possible with uud project but it's quite an effort to setup and maintain. I dropped it when an update on influxdb docker made my server crazy (influxdb was eating mu cpus). 

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