Headless Server and HDMI/audio passthrough


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Hoping to get some help with audio on a GTX 1060.


I am running my server headless with a Windows 10 VM with a GTX 1060 passed through to it. The only audio that the VM sees in its device manager is the audio from the 1060, however, since I don't have a monitor or TV plugged into the HDMI ports it only ever detects a virtual audio device when I RDP into the machine. I want to connect a VR headset to the server but when I do and I disconnect the RDP session there is no longer an audio deivce to generate sound and my VR headset is silent. 


Im sure this is becuase there is nothing plugged into the HDMI port so the driver is not activating and detecting that there is a device to send audio to. Any suggestions on a way to get the audio going other than plugging in a TV with speakers or getting a discrete sound card passed through to the VM?

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I'm guessing it's not defaulting to the correct HDMI audio out once you disconnect the RDP session as you should get audio through your headset.


Can you try choosing a different HDMI audio out in Windows while in the RDP session to see if any of those plays sound through the VR headset? If so, then see what happens when you disconnect the RDP.


I don't think this is impossible to do, just needs a bit of tweaking!

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Use the HDMI dongle and don't use Microsoft Remote Desktop/RDP. Instead use Parsec. This way you can still hear the audio passed through to your VR headset. You will also want to select your VR audio as the output in Windows' sound settings. Hope this helps.


Or if you fixed it already @adnix42, share with us your steps to get VR + sound to work and mark your thread as [SOLVED].

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