pfsense NIC passthrough not working anymore


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Hi guys,


Long story short. I use a Dell T30. I was running unRAID 6.7.2. A VM with pfense was working as it should. I bought a HBA card for my disks along with 2 SSDs and installed the new hardware. The server booted normaly and everything was working fine. About 30 hours after that, my server became unresponsive and thought it died. I have a second T30, so I moved everything in this server. Everything worked fine, except my HP Quad ports NIC that I used for pfsense did not work anymore. The lights of the NIC lit, but the card was closing it down few seconds later. So I thought the NIC died (newbie error. As I changed the NIC for one server to the other, I did not unplug the power cord. When I inserted the NIC in the new server, it started. I thought I created a spark or something). I ordered a new one, same problem in pfsense, no NIC. In the mean time, I was able to resurrect my other server (Windows 2016). Both NICs are working fine... I also upgraded to 6.8 RC7, with no luck...


So, for troubleshooting my pfsense VM, I created a new one and I see something weird... I connect one NIC, the VM detects the UP link, but still shows no link detected. Or if I reboot the VM, there is no NIC at all... 🤯


I think I'm too close to the tree, so I can't see the forest. What did I missed?


Any tips or hint welcomed.

pfsense #1.JPG

No NICs in pfsense - unRAID.JPG

vfio-pci flash drive.JPG


NICs passed to VM.JPG

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