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I have created a Windows 10 VM on my unraid server.  It all seems to be working satisfactorily, with one exception: When I first boot the VM, I have no trouble connecting to in from a Windows 10 host on my network.  However, once my host goes to sleep/hibernate or once it restarts, I can no longer connect to the VM.  The error message is


Remote Desktop can't find the computer 'DESKTOP-AR3CLUV'.  This might mean that 'DESKTOP-AR3CLUV' does not belong to the specified network.  Verify the computer name and domain that you are trying to connect to.


I can still connect to the VM with VNC, so I know that it is still running.  But the only way I have found to reconnect with RDP is to restart the VM.  I am hoping that somebody out there can help me figure out how to get RDP to reliably connect to my VM.

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10 hours ago, BRiT said:

Did you try using the IP address instead of the name?

What a great idea!  That worked perfectly, so I thank you for the advice.  I still don't understand why 'DESKTOP-AR3CLUV' stops working, but as long as I have this workaround, that's all I need.

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