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Hey Gents, 


I am hoping you guys can shed some light on this issue I am having. I've have not been able to get this container to work. I am not sure if I am missing something here. This is a fresh new install of UnRaid and I just installed Nextcloud and have that working with SWAG. I wanted to integrate OnlyOffice as I had this working before on my old server. I have not touched anything on the Nextcloud side of things. I just installed your version of OnlyOffice Document Server and I have not modified anything. Its just a vanilla install of the docker, I wanted to make sure it works before moving on but I don't get any kind of webui. 


All I get is the following page I've also attached the log file. I don't see anything out of the ordinary. 




Here is the docker setup the only thing I changed was the container name to 'onlyoffice' just because that is what my subdomain is 'onlyoffice.mydomain.com'




I know on my old server I use to be able to pull up the webui and it would say OnlyOffice was running. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!




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Posted (edited)

Hi all,


I use Nginx Proxy Manager and added OnlyOffice Docker instance + created a letsencrypt ssl certificate for it (with a onlyoffice.xxx.tld subdomain).

I can login to onlyoffice via my subdomain (secured by letsencrypt ssl) but If I try to open a document, I get the message that the document service is not available.


What I'm doing wrong?


UPDATE: I made a misstake with the IP address of my document server, everything is fine, sorry !

Thank you and Regards,


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how I can make OnlyOffice completely accessible via my subdomain (letsencrypt ssl) ? I can access already OnlyOffice CommunityServer via my subdomain, but Document Server is not accessible.


What I'm doing wrong? Please help me @Jidovu Marius Adrian


Thank you and Regards,


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