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Help for hardware for use unreaid [Brazil]

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My ingles is bad sorry. 

my question is I will need more one gpu for use unraid ?

i have 2 gpu one is gtx 1650 and gt 1030 and processor ryzen 5 2600

i need use for games 2 people on 1 pc  

6 core and gtx 1650 for 1 and 4 core gt 1030 

i need one more for system of unraid ?

i see old vídeos of Linus Tech Tips  he used one just for the unraid 

sorry from my ingles I hope you understand what I wrote


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I read your list of components.  Do you already have all of these components?  If you do, set up an Unraid sever and see if everything will will work using a trial (free) license for thirty days.  (I understand that two 15 day extensions are possible.)


If you want to do this, you should have an SDD (>250GB) for the cache drive and one hard drive to use as  a data drive in your testing.


You may have to turn off the C-States in the BIOS.  See here for more info:



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not i dont have to gt 1030 


I ask that for buy her 

if I can buy to use unraind for play 2 people 1 pc games light as league of legends, fortnite ......

but  Linus Tech Tips user 3 gpu one for unraind give boot in the system of unraind 

more one aks can i use the apu vega 11 : one 4 core vega 11 two 4 core gtx 1650 work on unraind it ? 

thanks for trying to help me 

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