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UNRAID Compute ONLY Server

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So long story short, my work replaced their entire server room with new blade server/chassis setups and nimble storage SANs. I was lucky enough to get to take home all of the old equipment. 


This means I have 2 server with 12 bays each to run more typical unraid configs on but one of these will only support 1 CPU currently (it has 2 sockets but was never configured with 2 and I ran into issues attempting to add a matching CPU into it) and the other would be great as an unraid server and it will be at some point but that's not my primary focus right now.


I have 2 1U servers with 2 (10C/20T 2.9 Ghz CPUs 40 Threads total per 1U and 384GB's of RAM each but NO STORAGE (currently, it has 2.5" bays with a SAS back plane but I have none of these drives). My question is i'd really like to get these 2 1U's running my docker containers (PLEX, SONARR, RADARR, PiHole, Jackett, currently) and/or my VM's (2012 R2 Domain controller and currently 2 other 2012 R2 VM's) but using the storage on the slower server. I have already setup 4 1GB nic's in a LAGG group and configured them appropriately in my switch (I also inherited this so it's a pretty high end 1GB 24 port managed switch) so I don't feel like r/w to the networked storage would/should be an issue to access the cached drive.


Is this possible at all? 


Would I be better off getting an SSD into those 1U's just to run the docker containers and VM's on and then using the networked storage for download directories?


Any other ideas or thoughts? Really just trying to figure out the best way to work these 1U's into my setup.


Thanks for the input! Still super new to unraid but loving it now! I had to get on to 6.8.0 to stop the sqlite corruption issue but since then i've not had any issues at all.

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