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Why data is moving back to cache from array

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I've just noticed something strange that I am not sure if this is how the system suppose to work.

I downloaded some new files directly to the cache, after that I didn't do nothing with the files, after a while the 'mover' started to work and moved all the files to the array to disk1 , those files where episodes files for sonarr, after sonarr decided to import those files, it moves them to another folder in the user share but he moves them back to the cache instead of leaving it on the disk1 and just moving to another folder in the user share.


am I missing something? cache -> array -> cache -> array  ? is it suppose to work this way?


both the download folder and the tv folder are using 'cache: Yes' 

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Are you running Sonarr in a docker container?  If so what are the volume mappings for the container?  It sounds as if Sonarr May think that the mount point is different to the location before and after the move so that it copies the file to the ‘new’ location and then deletes it from the ‘old’ one.

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32 minutes ago, r1sk said:

from sonarr POV, it is moving from

/ftp -> /tv

will it make it think it's a new location ?

I would think so, and that would explain the symptoms that you are seeing.


A container has no visibility of what the path is at the host level so would not realise that these are two subfolders within the same share.

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I've changed the sonarr settings, now both 


/ftp -> /media/ftp/

/tv -> /media/tv/


and I can still see that he create ~partial files when it imports the files.


I might be wrong but if the system is using ~partial files, it means it is a copy process and not a move process

I've tried moving it manually with a cli and it took an instant and work perfectly 

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