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Unable to install Apps (Dockers)

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I have not been able to install apps (dockers specifically). Plugins install fine, but not dockers.

The installation stops with "Please wait...." and nothing follows after (as shown in timageproxy.php?img=&key=e5eec7c5c933ca16he attached image).

Please assist and thank you :)



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You should post yourvsys6em diagnostics zip filem(obtained via Tools -> Diagnostics) to get any sort of informed feedback.



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Same problem here. Can`t update dockers, get stuck on `please wait...` like in the picture above. Happened today, haven`t done anything to the server lately. However updated from Unraid 6.6.7 to 6.7.2 just now, hoping it would fix the problem, which it didn`t.

Also, at the same time earlier today I started getting trouble connecting to my Plex Server. It stops being connectable from outside the network, after a reboot it might be online for a few minutes before losing connection again. Unsure if these things are connected, but they occured at roughly the same time. Have rebooted server and router/modem.

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Try setting DNS addresses of and and see if that makes a difference

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