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Best way to Add more SATA Power?

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I purchased a new power supply a few years back that came with 6 SATA power cables, which are now used up. 


I want to add a few new drives, so I was wondering what the best way to do that would be.

I have 3 molex cables from the power supply that I can get a SATA connector for, or should I buy a splitter for the SATA cables and extend them that way?


The PS is 500 Watts which should have no issues handling the load, I'm just out of cables.



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If powering 3.5" HDD then I would use the MOLEX -> SATA since I don't want to overdraw current on a single SATA cable (which can happen if multiple HDD spins up simultaneously).

If powering 2.5" SSD then it doesn't quite matter due to relatively low power draw of SSD but I would still use MOLEX -> SATA just to be safe.


The quality of the cable, in contrast, is a bigger concern. Dollar-store stuff is highly not recommended.

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1 hour ago, brisimmons105 said:

Thanks testdasi.  They are 3.5" HDD. 

Any particular brands for the MOLEX to SATA?

Don't use the molded style, make sure they're the punch down type






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