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New parity drive disappears when added to array

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Hello. I'm trying to upgrade the parity drive in my HOME server (per my sig below) to a new WD120EMAZ shucked from a WD Easystore 12tb.  From what I'd read here, I thought going in I might need to do the kapton tape hack to get the drive to show up but it replacing the old parity drive with it, it showed up in BIOS right away and in Unraid as well. Problem is, as soon as I select it on the Main tab as the replacement for the missing parity drive the new drive suddenly disappears and just says "no device". I can still see it under Tools / System Devices but not on the Main tab where I need it. As soon as it did this the first time I pulled the Diagnostics attached. Then I rebooted and it did exactly the same thing again: new drive is once again available as a replacement on the Main tab until you select it and then poof it vanishes again.


Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Nevermind. I realized I didn't disable the old parity drive before swapping it out. Once I re-installed it to do that, no problem assigning the new 12tb in its place. Parity-sync/Data-rebuild running now. 

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