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Large File Copies Stall Out

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Hello everyone, 


I've been using Unraid for about 8 Months now and I have been having an issue since day one that I can't seem to resolve. 

Trying to copy a large amount of files to Unraid will result in the copy working for a minute or so and then the copy stalls out and I receive a Try Again box. 

Clicking Try Again works for another minute and then I receive the error again. I'm using Unraid OS Pro 6.7.2. 

I've tried to remove my parity drives even and that doesn't make any difference. My shares have Cache setup on them with plenty of space on the Cache. I've been using SMB on Windows but even trying to FTP from my XBOX results in the same issue, the connection works for a minute and then I receive an error. The only way I can seemingly get around the issue to copy large files to Unraid is to use a Powershell script I created that selects each individual file and robocopy it to the server, then pause the script for 90 seconds and resume to the next file after that. But I'm in a situation now where I can't use that method. 


Does anyone have any suggestions to get around this issue?



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Go to Tools-diagnostics while problem is happening then attach complete Diagnostics zip file to your NEXT post. 

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