Compact Case CPU/MB/RAM/PSU Starter SOLD


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Extremely compact box I used for about 3 years running Unraid and using the Plex Docker and file storage.  I chose the case because its basically as small as I could find and still hold 4 drives.  Includes everything listed below.  In some pictures I have the drives in so you can get an idea how it looks when loaded, but drives and the Unraid OS are NOT included.  You just need to plug in drives and Unraid and go.  Was a tank.  With the fan setup in a shelf with only front ventilation the drives only saw 41C during Parity checks. 35/36C during normal operation.  CPU was powerful enough to do multiple 1080P streams or a single 4K as long as video did not need to be transcoded.  No issue transcoding a single 1080 stream, or the audio on 4K.  I ran 3 - 3.5" drives and a 2.5" drive but it could fit 4 - 3.5"drives.



2x4gb Kingston KVR1333D3E9S Unbuffered ECC RAM
Silverstone SST-ST45SF SFX 450W 80Plus
Intel i3-4150 3600Mhz (4MB Cache) Dual Core
Roswell Legacy V6-S Silver Mini ITX Case
ASRock E3C224D2I Mini ITX Motherboard LGA 1150


I have boxes for the CPU, Ram and PSU, all purchased new.  I may have the motherboard box as well.  If you want all the boxes it may bump shipping up.  CPU has the OEM fan on it.  Also included is the case fan which I will update the ad as its a nicer unit than was in the box I swapped in.


I have no idea of the value but I already have a new box going so I just want to recoup some.  Open to offers.  $180USD shipped within the lower 48 and Canada.  I will consider shipping anywhere if postage is covered.  I am in Ontario, Canada.  My Ebay user is ryankenn, over 700 all positives as a personal buyer/seller.  Paypal (not gifted I will eat the fee) or E-transfer.


bbf6401327879097.jpg f773c01327879099.jpg 4644e11327879101.jpg e6a44b1327879103.jpg b056ea1327879106.jpg 4f92b11327879108.jpg c6a8b91327879109.jpg 2f275d1327879111.jpg 03a7871327879112.jpg 455d5d1327879115.jpg 3cba831327879118.jpg 


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