BACKUP PLUGIN?? Or better way? Data is becoming critical on this server.


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Hello all,  


I am looking for a full backup solution (hopefully a plugin but cant find one in the list)


I have a 6TB backup USB drive and want an automated backup scheduled.  


I would like to backup the entire UNRAID machine as much as I can.  VM's (now what I would love on this is SNAPSHOT ability for running VM's.  That would be amazing!!). Does that exist?


Is there a plugin to do this?  Or what is a better way?


Thanks all for the help on this one.


My Unraid server is becoming more and more used and important to me, so its pretty important to backup and re-backup my stuff.



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as far as data, standard backup practice of 3,2,1 rule... 3 copies, on 2 different kinds of media and one offsite.


I'd suggest a second machine to rsync data to, maybe built from scraps in general. Doesn't need to run 24/7, just when backups are needed.  I say this because most of us computer geeks have extra parts laying around.


Also, consider another drive in the machine, just to keep an additional copy of the data on, again rsync is your friend and easy to schedule a script with user scripts plugin.


qemu-img and virsh both seem to be on my server, thus you could write a script to snapshot your VM's.  

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