Adding new drives - how data is stored?


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To this point I ran a very small server with (3) 3TB drives.  One parity and two data.  I didn't mess with anything to do with that, created shares and let unraid handle the rest.  To date it pretty much balanced the data across both so they were relatively equal in storage.


Now I have a new server built, and already rebuilt the parity drive with a 10TB unit.  So now I have my original (2) 3TB data drives working and finished a binhex preclear of the old 3TB parity and (2) new 6TB Segate NAS drives.  Before I add them to the array I had a question about how the data is stored.


My thought was if possible I wanted my shares that get the most use forced onto the 6TB drives.  The (3) 3TB although tanks (2011, 2012 and 2014) are getting older and I wanted them to host the stuff that is more long term storage and rarely accessed.  Documents, pictures etc.  Movies etc that are more often accessed I had hoped would run off the brand new drives.  All are 7200rpm so not for performance reasons.


Is this possible, and if so is it suggested?  I read through some of the different Wiki's and didn't find anything about preferences like this.  I don't know how Unraid handles new drives being added so I haven't put the new ones into the array yet in case by default it would start spreading the data across all of them right away.




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Awesome, I found that.  I see new files copying onto the server are following the rules.


Is there a way to force it to shift existing content that is in those shares off drives they are on and over to the new drives?  I set all the drive shares how I wanted and forced the Mover to start but it doesn't look like existing content is shifting to obey the new rules on what drives to use.  Would I have to delete and re copy or will it migrate on its own (or can I force it).

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Mover only acts on cache to array disks (cache:yes) or array disks to cache (cache:prefer) shares. Mover never migrates from diskX to diskY. There are many ways to manually move items from disk to disk, the best method for you depends on your experience and comfort level with the system as a whole.


Are you comfortable at a console command line?

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