Unraid 6.8.0; "Unable to communicate with GitHub.com"


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For the past few weeks (prior to upgrading to 6.8.0), I've been having issues connecting to my Unraid server through the web GUI. I can connect through the web GUI when at the console but when I try to access it from my desktop on a different VLAN, I can connect intermittently. Sometimes I can connect for about 30 seconds but then I get a "connection refused" error in Chrome.


Here's what I've tried:

1. I've tried multiple browsers (Edge, Firefox, IE) but from my desktop (or even laptop), I get connectivity to the web GUI intermittently. 

2. When I cannot connect, I've tried to ping the server and get the appropriate replies from the server so connectivity to the server seems fine.

3. I thought upgrading to 6.8.0 would solve the problem but it didn't.

4. I've reboot the server several times but that didn't resolve the issue.


I've also attached the latest diagnostics (what a pain it was trying to get that file before I get the "connection refused" error).


I'm hoping someone can help.




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I poke around some more and found that I can connect to the server if I'm on the same VLAN. I haven't changed anything with my pfsense config for over a year so I can't understand why this isn't working.


I've also noticed that while I can connect to Unraid if I'm on the same VLAN, Unraid itself cannot download updates, etc. For example, I'm getting errors such as "Unable to communicate with GitHub.com". I've tried changing my DNS to but that didn't work.





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