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I'm currently running my server on my daily driver (7700k, 1080ti, 32GB 3200 DDR4) but am wanting the option to increase my storage space. I guess my concern is with this being my first actual server, besides the obvious rack, what else would I need to make sure this transition is smooth? Primarily running 1080p streams, 7 users, and I'm worried about how playback would be with this particular rack.


Any advice is greatly appreciated

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You don't necessarily need server hardware to increase your storage. When you say 7 users running 1080p streams what exactly do you mean? Transcoding in Plex?


Those Xeon E5-2620's are getting on a bit now. Sandybridge era, they can cut it if you need the cores for low power processing but if you need some raw power they will leave you wanting.

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