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P5B-VM DO Bios settings

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I'm upgrading my UnRaid to all SATA drives.  In doing so, I replaced my Asus P5PE-VM board with the P5B-VM DO that Lime uses.


I can't seem to get the USB to boot on the new system.


Does anyone have a listing of the proper BIOS settings to use on this board? 




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I don't have the exact same board, but ...


The big item for me was to set the USB key as FDD (not HDD, floppy, or auto).





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Thanks for that tip.  That helped me get it to boot up.  I also had to configure SATA #1 as [AHCI] as well in order to get it to go.


Now my problem is I can't get more than the first two drives to be recognized by the new board.  I've got six SATA drives at the moment, and only SATA 1 and 2 off the main board are being recognized.  The other four ports on the motherboard don't seem to want to recognize any drives plugged into them.  I have a feeling this is more BIOS tweakage that's needed.  TIme to dive into the user guide on this thing (unless Tom has a suggestion or two... hint hint).




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Okay... didn't need to set SATA #1 to AHCI after all.  IDE works fine.


And the problem with the other drives was a problem with the icy docks not seating properly.


Thanks for the help... onward and upward now....

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Hey Chiphayes...when you get it all up and running smoothly could you run down the BIOS settings that you used, or at least the ones that you changed from their default settings? I'm considering this board for a new build.



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Okay, it all seems to be running smoothly.  Here are the pertinent BIOS settings (CAVEAT: I messed around with a bunch of these.  While it's working fine under these settings, I may have changed some that didn't need changing.)


IDE Configuration


SATA#1 Configuration      [Enhanced]

  Configure SATA#1 as    [AHCI}


USB Configuration


USB Functions                [Enabled]

Legacy USB Support        [Enabled]

Port 64/60 Emulation      [Disabled]

USB 2.0 Controller Mode  [HiSpeed]

BIOS EHCI Hand-off        [Enabled]


USB Mass Storage Device Configuration


(My USB stick shows up twice, which was the case with my last set-up)

Set both Devices Emulation Types as [Forced FDD]


Boot Settings


    Boot Device Priority


        1st Boot Device [uSB SanDisk...]


    Removable Drives


        1st Drive    [uSB Sandisk...]

        2nd Drive  [uSB Sandisk...]



I also disabled the on-board sound.


I'll holler in here if I discover any of this is either a mistake, or somehow hampers performance of the system.



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Thanks a lot Chiphayes. I've got this MB, along with some RAM and a cpu in my Newegg cart just waiting for me to check out. Probably within a couple of days.  :)

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Yeah I have to get around to doing that.  Your settings look ok.  We also disable ieee1394, serial, parallel support.  You should not see your Flash listed twice - never seen that before.  Make sure you're using the latest bios.  BTW, all you have to do is download the bios file onto your Flash and then use the motherboard bios update utility - works great.


Setting on-board SATA to AHCI or IDE works.  We have noticed that in AHCI mode the Hitachi 7K1000 (1TB) hard drives are not always detected from a cold power-up - no problem with other drive types.  Very strange.  We sent a message off to Asus telling them about a "cold start AHCI detection bug" so perhaps this will get fixed in a new bios release.

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