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Looking to upgrade my old i7 2600k rig, which has been a good workhorse for quite some time, and running unraid well.


Main reason for the change is looking to replace the need of having 2 PC's and have 1 (Unraid + Windows 10 VM).


Dont want to spend money unnecessarily, as literally my use case is Unraid + 4-6 dockers (plex mainly), and have a Windows 10 VM + GPU for photo editing, gaming, daily use.


From what I can see 2700x is probably overkill in itself, but newer tech + supposed lower power consumption of Gen 3 Ryzen, makes the 3600 look appealing (albeit losing 2 cores as a tradeoff).


Just wondering 2 things...


1. Views on if the 2700X is good in a unraid build (considering Power consumption etc).

2. Is using a VM for Windows 10 perfect for a daily driver/ use, or it has more issues than just having a dedicated 2nd PC?





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I'm just starting out to explore moving from my current i7-6700K platform to Ryzen 7 - 3700X (or 3800X). My use case is similar to what your looking to do. Had two boxes both built on Z170 platforms and original intention was so I could easily switch parts in case of any hardware failures. i7-6700K/32gb for unraid and i5-6600/16gb for window/sim PC. I ended up trying to consolidate by virtualizing the gaming rig and see about running that as a daily driver. It's been almost a year and it's worked so well that my i5 parts are collecting dust and I'm probably going to send them on their way.


Honestly the only issues I've had are probably Win10 update related. Twice I've had issues where I've had to do a system reset on Win10 which is a minor inconvenience in that I have to reload any installed programs, but at least data is still there and recovery has worked fine. Overall though, it's worked well enough that I'm thinking about just making a big upgrade on the current server since I'm at my self imposed EOL for it and I'm looking into Ryzen 7 for the additional cores and RAM so that I have some more overhead to play with. Probably overkill for what I need currently, but I went larger on my current setup and it's served me well. (I can still take the current server guts out and build a solid i7-6700K/32gb/GTX-980 gaming rig that will still hold its own for a while)


I'm currently thinking Ryzen 7 - 3800X/64gb/GTX-2070 Super at this point. My main concerns are what needs to be watching out for moving from Blue to Red hardware. I think it might just be that I'll need to build a fresh Win10 VM and that really shouldn't be too big a deal. 

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4 hours ago, nukem492 said:

@PhantomXiii what motherboard?  Did you have trouble getting GPU pass-through to work for gaming?

Current setup is on a Asus Maximus Hero VIII with Gigabyte GTX 980. I didn't have any issues passing the 980 through and used SpaceInvader One's EXCELLENT video guides to help me along in several questions I had when building my setup. Most helpful hardware trick was adding the PCIe USB Card (4 port) to dedicate to the Win10 Gaming VM.  I have also have since added a couple of Sabrent 4-port switchable USB hubs for additional devices.


I haven't been able to do a ton of gaming with this setup, but no real issues when I did from what I could tell. The Win10 VM in particular has ended up becoming my daily driver for a while yet and it's performed great. If there is any issue, it's usually been due to MS's WONDERFULL Win10 patching practices.

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16 minutes ago, nukem492 said:

@PhantomXiii I picked up a Ryzen 2700X and trying to determine a motherboard that supports ECC and is easy to get GPU pass-through working.  I may eventually upgrade the CPU to 4th gen Ryzen, so was thinking X570 chipset.  Did you finish your Ryzen build?  What motherboard(s) did you look at?

Not yet... pushed the planned upgrade back to November but now I'm not sure if I'll be able to make work.  Might have to push it back another 6 months or so, but it also depends on how pricing goes too.


Current Wish List at this point looks like this (subject to change of course):


Asus ROG Strix X570-E

Ryzen 7 3700X

64GB DDR4-3200



My main reasoning in components is building a gaming rig and run UnRaid on that platform. It seemed to work out ok on the current rig so I don't see much reason to stray from that philosophy.  Plus, when it's time to upgrade, I can re-purpose the old hardware into a still decently respectable gaming PC.

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