Interesting opinions found about unRAID on Facebook.

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So, I did not post this view, but it has my curiosity up... what are others’ thoughts on this view? (I have issues with it, but appreciate perspective if others). 


  • ”NAS drives are for qnaps etc proper Nas devices (while) unraid was designed around the Idea of using a bunch of desktop hard drives together with redundancy for failure.  I personally use shucked drives (that are) cheaper and just as good as a (bare) drive.”
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I totally agree with the concept of using shucked drives. All of my 8TB drives are shucked mybooks.


NAS / RAID drives are designed with drive cooperation in mind, things like timeout and vibration tuning. Since unraid can spin down unused drives, many of the NAS specific features aren't utilized or needed.


As long as you fully test the drive before putting it into service, by whatever means gives you confidence in the drive, warranty and MTBF numbers are pretty meaningless for the quantity of drives 99% of unraid users interact with.


Both warranty and MTBF are statistical constructs based on almost nothing to do with actual single drive reliability.

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