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I love the ease of use of UNRAID and also how incredibly powerful it can be!


I would love to see even more configurable warnings, for example when a disk is on high usage, I would like to be able to control the percentage that UNRAID considers to be a high usage!


Keep doing what you are doing guys!🔥🔥

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I like that I can add a drive at a time.  I like that I can switch hardware very easily.  I like the community and support available.  I like the continuous development and improvement.  I like that Unraid is an appliance when I need it to be one, or a homelab when I want it to be one.  I like that Unraid hasn't become a subscription service like everything else.  Wait.  I was just supposed to pick one thing?


For the future I would like Unraid to continue evolving and improving without losing focus on it's core stability as a file server. 

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I love how easy it is,... plug in a HDD and it's ready to go. The store is great.. and the community is amazing! So many to help you out and they don't bitch or cry.


In the future, I'd love to see a 3rd Parity Drive. And it to create a Snapshot of your current Array - in case you make a new config.

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I like the redundancy of drives and ability to add or remove drives as needed without braking up raid groups and moving tons of data or all of it


I would like to see (find) the ability to join two servers into one ( iscsi or the like ) - to be precise make one box act as extra drives for the main one nothing else expected from it

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20 hours ago, SpencerJ said:

How to Enter:

Simply tell us:

  • one thing you like most about Unraid


  • one thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020

Ok here is my one thing, takes a long breath: communityeaseofharddriveupgradesconstantOSupgradesnumerousdockersandVM's. Whew! that is my one thing and I am sticking to it.




My one wish for Unraid in 2020: Ability to add another parity drive for a total of 3

Thank you


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I came from FreeNAS and spent months trying to learn and configure my first server. The FreeNAS community was arrogant and full of trolls. Only a few nice people willing to help a newbie with his first server setup. Started seeing a lot of comparisons of FreeNAS and Unraid. I decided to see what it was all

about using an old iMac and external drive to see if I could set it up. What took me 3+ months to get up and working I had completely duplicated on until within the first 3 hours of EVER even seeing the it. On top of that the Unraid community is one of the nicest and friendliest groups I’ve ever had the please of being a part of. There is so much more that just 1 thing to love of this product. 

What I love to see in the future is enhancements in speed. The only issue I have is with IOWait and I am using a SSD cache drive and Unassigned Device to try to alleviate that. I realize some of that is hardware based but I still think my setup should not lag when nzbs are unpacking with that plus 12c/24t cpu and 64gb exc mem. 

keep up the awesome work!!



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1. I love how it's grown from when I started (4.7) and it is because of where it's at now that, I have been able to retire my Windows 10 Media Server.


2. I am happy where UnRaid is at for me, but if there was one request I could make, it would be cosmetic. The ability to edit the appearance, without having to search and edit files manually.

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Unraid make it so easy to expand your storage and manage everything from one single UI, I love it. 


I would love to see some enhancements around organization of VMs and Docker containers. The ability to setup groups and organize VMs with 1 click power on-off groups and auto-start groups. 

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