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Thank you all for entering our giveaway! At 1/9/2020 at approximately 11:55 AM Pacific, we hit 100,000 forum members! Entries are now closed, winners have been contacted and prizes have been mailed ou

Love how many different services I can run on a single box.   In 2020 I would love to see a mobile responsive web UI for easier administration from my phone. Happy to lend a helping hand to

Tnx LimeTech . Happy winner of a badge . Looks nice on my server. Loving it.......  Never win anything in my life so was a nice change of pace to start the new year.    

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I love how incredibly easy it was to setup and use.  I'm an amateur and played with Ubuntu for a month or two getting everything setup.  I tested out Unraid and everything was setup in a day or two.  


I know its asking a lot but I'd love to see baked in support for offsite backup.

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Hard to choose one thing about UnRaid. It’s easy to use and administer. Managed to roll it out to a few members of my family and everyone gets along with it well. I moved across about 6 years ago after using WHS, UnRaid is so much better. 

Not sure what I’d like to see in UnRaid. Perhaps some sort of file balancing procedure to help when upgrading or changing drives?

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I first purchased my Unraid license 9 years ago - 12/03/2010 - and it's been rock solid for me ever since.


One thing I like the most: Consistency. You guys keep adding features and making the product better. I also love the fact that the community has so much involvement in making the product better, specifically community applications.


One thing I'd like to see: Docker Improvements (User-defined docker networks in GUI, container monitoring, )

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Congratulations on the 100k user milestone. That's pretty impressive.


I love that I was able to set up and maintain UnRAID fairly easily with the help of the amazing support community.


As an improvement for 2020, I'd like to see a simplified report on the health of the drives so I know when to start thinking about replacements. I'd also like to see Unassigned Device shares show up under the Shares tab on the web interface. 

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Hello! What I love about unraid is the ability to easily store my data myself without relying on big brother! One small thing I'd love to come to unraid is some kind of easy way to remotely access web ui's for Dockers through subdomains. I know it's possible to configure but a super easy 'add this subdomain and point it to this webui' would be super neat!


Cheers, and thanks for the great product!

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I love how user-friendly and approachable unRAID is. The GUI makes getting started easy for someone new to networking and servers but is also just challenging enough (in a good way) to encourage such novices to learn more on their and really engage in their system. With that in mind, I also love how helpful the people are in the forums, and that unRAID developers can get involved in the discussions.


I would love a feature added within the GUI to simplify the communication between docker containers on different networks. I do understand the walls between networks are put up by design with macvlan and that there are ways to bore through them with VLANs, but that option will make it even more approachable and aid people who don't have VLAN capable networking hardware.

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The easy of use combined with the many options and detailed system information make you feel like the master of your domain that you are. :)


As for improving things I would like to see even more options for showing and hiding information on every section of the Unraid pages.

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1.) The easy of use of setting up array. With experience with Freenas, Proxmox...etc. I really prefer unraid gui and ease of docker containers and vm machines.

2.) When having two network interfaces I had problems with recognize the interfaces PFsense vm machine for testing. Having VM machines recognize devices easier. I had to add the device ID in the sys config xml config.

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If I have to choose only one thing that I like most, I'll go with what made me choose Unraid in the first place, and that's the ability to easily add drives of different sizes or brands or whatever.


I'm really not sure what I would like to see added in 2020 because Unraid already does everything I need it to do. I guess I'll go with multiple arrays and/or multiple cache pools.


To the LimeTech team and to all the forum members helping other members, keep up the great work! :)

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I love how unraid gives me a great jumping point for learning virtualization, dockers, and an easy to expand array. The ability to easily add different sized disks in a painless manor is great. I've learned a ton due to unraid.


What I'd really like to see are checkpoint support for VMs. I use unraid for testing things at home and this feature is crucial for doing such tasks.

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I love the unRaids pool configuration gives me total flexibility. I can set it to just handle everything for me and abstract away the complexity or I can slide and dice how my files are managed across drives and folder hierarchy. It allows someone to easily begin using the platform and then grow into more advanced management when they feel confident.


In the future I would love to be able to include SSDs as part of the pool allowing me to configure certain shares to live on fast SSDs vs the rest being on spinning disks. Cache drives eliminate the need for some of this but would be cool to allow the flexibility for users to go directly to the pool with spare drives.

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