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I literally love that unraid is not a RAID, I can save on drive space and electricity by spinning down drives not in use. And I can still recover some data from a total disaster!


In 2020 (or at some point in future), i would like to see an official support for second USB thumbstick in mirror mode, sharing the license and contents of OS. We could have both sticks in slot at the same time, and if one dies, system will still boot. We would simply insert a new USB drive in old slot and let uraid rebuild it without pestering support and worrying about backing up USB drives

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The thing I like the most about Unraid is the community, I've been here longer than any other forum I've ever frequented, "met" some people who I consider good friends, some of whom I've now met in real life, and continue to speak to in one form or another on pretty much a daily basis and have shared our tales or marriages, births, highs and lows, some of whom I'd love to meet in the future, and undoubtedly will.


From a diehard Windows guy back in 2011 when I first came to Unraid, it's been the gentle introduction to Linux I needed after playing around with Ubuntu a few years previously and sucked me into the virtues of a Linux based server operating system and ultimately converted my house to a fully Linux based household, (OK my wife still has a Windows laptop, but that's used for nothing more than Chrome (another sore point) and MS Office (yet another sore point).


With the support of some prominent community members help over the years I've developed skills and knowledge I never thought I had in me, and continue to do so on a daily basis.


I came to Unraid in the v4.7 days because it was "easy" to maintain, now in our third major version which continues to develop and become more and more impressive I stay because in my opinion, there just isn't a better home server solution out there.  Sure you can roll your own, and I don't shy away from a terminal, but even the solutions that are sometimes named, just don't compare with Unraid.


Notice above I use the words "our third major version" this was without thinking, but on reflection, shows how I view Unraid, yes it's a (remarkably good value) paid product produced by LimeTech, but there are so many other contributors over the years that give it a community and sense of joint ownership that nurtures it, extols it's virtues and enables it to continue to flourish!


The one thing I'd like to see in 2020 is a tricky one, for me Unraid does everything I need it to do right now.  I could see myself using multiple arrays if that feature was added.

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From someone that just set-up their first unraid server a week and a half ago: I love how simple it is to get started with, from hardware requirements to initial boot and setup process.


It would be cool to see webhooks as an option for notifications. This could cover a lot of one-off devices or apps, and create a lot of options for the tinkerer.

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The best thing I like is the community help! 1st time post but I've been a lurker the last 2 weeks. (working on a trail as I move from windows and make the switch to unraid) (will be buying) 


I would love to see unraid and info tags next to everything so that folks like me (1st time users, Ankle deep tech folks) can better understand what we are doing as we are going. 

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The thing I llike most about unraid is it's ease of use/versatility. You can do so much with it and you don't need to be a pro to do it. The forums are filled with such great help, that if you have a problem, they have an answer.


One thing I do wish to see added to unraid in the future, is maybe a little more refined pcie assignment for vms. While it does work well, it can get a little cumbersome for some people to have to manually assign some cards through xml.

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I’m fairly new to Unraid (since October), but I absolutely love the flexibility with storage! Being able to add storage with only a parity check - that’s my favorite! 

Since I’m learning (and tinkering as a result), is love to be able to completely remove a docker and the related files for when I really screw things up....like what I did to nextcloud. Oops. I’m referring to a one-click (plus a confirmation). Unless I’m doing something wrong - and I’m SURE I am - when I reinstall a docker my previous settings are still there. 

Thanks everyone! The money for this license was money very well spent!

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Close to @kwiksilver above...  My favorite part of Unraid is the simplicity or complexity of it, according to the needs of the user.  And its stabilty.  And the community.  And the continued development (been a user since Feb 2011, three active licenses and a spare). 


I’d love to see server to server backup as a standard feature, locally or across the internet, perhaps taking advantage of the developing inclusion of Wireguard.

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I started using unraid with no docker or link experience. I love the support of the community and the features that made unraid easy enough to figure out.



What I want for new OS feature is more driver support for video cards, pcie controllers, and other such things. Also maybe easier dashboard graphic customisation.

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First off I would like to say thanks to the UNRAID team. I have absolutely fallen in love with UNRAID.


Being a Linux noob the easy to use GUI of UNRAID is a breeze. I love being able to load up on easy to use Dockers and also giving my girlfriend a computer to use for modeling and gaming is absolutely awesome!


One thing I would love to see in 2020 is an easy way to move my files around within UNRAID. Something like the unBalance docker but a bit more baked in. I don't like how some of my shares aren't split correctly on across the array as I specified it. 

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