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I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I know I am going to love it based on all the comparison research I have been doing over the last couple of months while I collect the hardware for my build!  I cannot wait for all of my Christmas goodies to arrive so that I can get this installed and start using it!!!!

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Thank you all for entering our giveaway! At 1/9/2020 at approximately 11:55 AM Pacific, we hit 100,000 forum members! Entries are now closed, winners have been contacted and prizes have been mailed ou

Love how many different services I can run on a single box.   In 2020 I would love to see a mobile responsive web UI for easier administration from my phone. Happy to lend a helping hand to

Tnx LimeTech . Happy winner of a badge . Looks nice on my server. Loving it.......  Never win anything in my life so was a nice change of pace to start the new year.    

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I love how flexible UNRAID is, for me to pool all my different size of old/new HDDs. Ease of use and friendly community. :)


i would like to have the VM snapshot build-in, also multiple array with single license (with added fee?)


Great piece of software, thanks all developers.

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I have been running unraid for over a year now and the one thing I love about it is how stable it has been for my needs.  


A feature that I would like to see come in 2020 is the abilitiy for multiple ssd cache pools that can be assigned to shares/dockers/virtual machines. 

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Currently not a unraid user.   Will be within the comings when I order the parts to build the NAS and I've decided unraid will be what I use to manage my NAS and the 20+ drives.


Haven't use the product yet so don't have any suggestion for 2020.

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The absolute versatility of the platform. Unraid is not quite like anything else...


VMs? Check.

Passthrough? Check.

Use on pretty much anything from a Celeron to a Threadripper? Check.

Increase, decrease storage flexibly? Check.

Use whatever disks you want? Check.

Dockers? Check.

Huge amount of plugins, VPN's, parity, it just goes on and on.

Massive community? Check.

Etc etc etc


And I can (and do) virtualize Unraid itself!


There is pretty much nothing to dislike about Unraid, and its flexibility and community support make it a winner.


Going forward, I'd like many others would like to see multiple pools. And maybe more flexibility with licensing, and official support for virtualization of Unraid itself.

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There are many things I like about Unraid, but the most would be how easy to use Unraid is and if something isn't available through the GUI you can with the terminal.


One thing I like to see added to Unraid is more overview in CPU, RAM and Network live and past usage (natively in Unraid instead of a Docker) for each VM and Docker.

Else would be a cluster like setup so VMs and Dockers can be (live) migrated to other Unraid hosts.


PS, Snapshots would also be nice within the GUI 😉

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