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I like the flexibility of the array configuration - just changing disks without completely recreating the array was the main reason I switched to unraid.

It would be cool if you could create e.g. a second drive pool for ssd only storage - other nas systems can handle this. Also a redundant setup with a second unraid server and automatic synchronisation would be really nice.

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I love that unraid makes it so easy to create a storage server out of almost any hardware and any hard drive combination, for an affordable price!


I'd like to see CPU Hyperthread pairings in the UI to make pin groups easier to choose. Physically grouping them together, despite not being in numerical order would be nice. The UI should also highlight the threads that should be reserved for unraid, as I have heard it mentioned several times that the first CPU core should be dedicated to unraid itself.

Congratulations on the big milestone!

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Installed my NAS 3weeks ago (discover unRAID watching a LinusTechTips video), bought the Basic license after finding the Trial pretty good.


Like : Simplicity to use, view of the array (which drives are empty/full)

Want : Themes for the UI (as a developer a dark theme by default sounds good), something more modern maybe ?

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Ever since I acquired my new to me R510, I quickly loaded unraid onto it and shucked a bunch of hard drives I had lying around. I have it running for 45 days straight with home assistant, time machine for my macs, a nas and vms to mess around in. I love the functionality and ease of use. Looking to migrate my main machine onto here, once I figure out gpu situation. 

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I love how seamless everything works together. The layout is phenomenal. 

as far as additions go I don’t have any complaints on how things are running. Maybe a builtin way to plan for backing up the usb drive that unbraid runs from or something most of us use plugins for that though.

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The one thing I like about unRaid is that it's extremely easy to use without compromising functionality or capability in the process. I made the switch to unRaid about 5 years ago, and I couldn't be happier with how easy it is to use.


If I could see something added to the OS in the year 2020, it would be enhanced Docker features, such as: specific GUI page for container monitoring, easier container installation/management, and a GUI for user defined Docker networks.

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I like the ease of use of dockers and the “app store” where I can easily browse around and explore apps that I never knew existed before.


would love to see better passthrough options for VMs. Right now the passthrough is sort of broken for VMs, I’m talking about 6.8 rc 5 +. Haven’t been able to use my mouse or keyboard in the VMs since then. 

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19 minutes ago, Spies said:

I didn't think it was ready and they had run into some issues with it?

Not that I know off!    The drivers and service are built-in.     The GUI component for configuring it is currently a plugin so that it can be easily tweaked.    I was using it very successfully over the Christmas period to access my Unraid server (and other devices on my home Lan) remotely.

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Hi Team,


I came from Freenas because of the docker and hardware passthrough functionality.


One thing i would like to see in 2020 is the possibility of ZFS being supported without the need of the plugin.


Best wishes for 2020 and keep up the development!

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As far as I've been using it, a few months, I'm very happy.

Easy to setup, easy to use, easy to maintain, there is a lot of applicantions ready to use (just fill the docker form)...

Something that can be improved is the way you automate tasks. I mean, you can do it using the user scripts plugin, but it should be a better gui to do it, not everyone knows cron.

I think it should be better integrated into the system with a fancy gui, some kind of enhanced scheduler where you can select a default/pre-created task from a list (parity-check, mover, ssd trim, speedtest, check for updates, check for problems ), and a custom task loading an script (check database integrity in a docker container, execute rclone to do a copy to a remote server... ). Everything in a single place and easy to see in the blink of an eye, similar to the docker table.

So I expect to see a better scheduler.


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I have been using UNRAID for about 10 weeks now.  I love that I have so much better direct control over the usage of resources on it.  I have 48gb of RAM that windows. in its infinite wisdom, just didn't manage effectively. I love that I don't have to worry if it is paging my Plex server to disk AGAIN!! I just run my services in dockers directly on UNRAID while passing my GPU and front USB ports to a Windows 10 VM as a daily usage device, no fuss, no drama, no microscoff related scheduling issues because really Windows 10 Pro just isn't efficient in its managing of a dual Processor, 48 GB setup.


That said I have had to teach myself QEMU Domain XML (I am still learning BTW) to passthrough devices like a DVD drive, a WiFi-6/Bluetooth 5 card (for the bluetooth) and my front panel USB ports.  At this point what I would like is more robust VM creation tools that don't require directly editing XML (although I do appreciate that it validates the usability of the XML before saving it so I can fix it when I make a mistake). I would also like the ability to have a more granular control over the array, and the ability to have two potentially separate arrays is an intriguing one to play with.


One thing I have liked about UNRAID is that there is a difficulty curve for the more interesting uses.  I never feel like I am failing to get to where I want it to go, but sometimes I have to learn a whole new thing to get UNRAID to do what I want.

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